PR Girl PRowess: How to Handle Late Nights

Over the past couple weeks, I have been treading in some deep water as I prepped for THE biggest new business pitch of my career.  The closer we got to the pitch date, the later I was working. I’m not opposed to late nights in the office to get a few things off my plate, but your brain can go a bit numb after a string of them. Then the days before the pitch, our team was up until all hours rehearsing, redrafting, and rehashing key ideas.  It was adrenaline that kept me awake during that incredibly important morning meeting. After the pitch, my eyes could barely stay open.

We’re all going to have nights like this in PR. The important thing is to not to go college-girl crazy with all nighters. We’re not 18 anymore (well, maybe some of us are). When sleep is not on top of the to-do list, here is how to keep care of yourself so you’re alert when you need your brain most.


Take mini breaks – Your wonderful mind needs a breather. If you’re going underground to rehearse/write/pitch, take a solid 15 minute break every 2 hours. Otherwise, your eyes WILL glaze over and you WILL start to slur your words

Stay hydrated – Water is your brain’s friend. Be sure to keep a chilled water bottle near by. Add lemon to help your skin and your body feel refreshed

Put the phone away – Don’t get distracted by texting and tweeting. There is no reason to drag out your work hours more than you need. Go completely offline, then check in on your 15 minute break

Avoid too much coffee – If you need caffeine, drink green tea. Coffee can keep you up until all the wrong times, and when you can get sleep, you’ll need it

Try to eat right – When you’ve hit your fourth straight day of working hard, you deserve a burger and a great big glass of cab. Other than that, try to avoid too much bread, alcohol and fat, and stick to veggies and protein when you can. Your body recognizes these foods and processes them quickly and cleanly. No tummy problems and high energy makes PR Jane a happy girl

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