PR Girl PRowess: Job Hunt Jitters

Though some of you may have been successful in finding a summer internship, others are just about to start their search for a fall job to take on during the semester. Still others have taken the summer off or finished off lingering internship opportunities, and will be diving head-first into the first-job search.  Either way, we’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately for assurance and emotional support that PR job hunting isn’t as difficult as it appears.

Though we have our guide to help you with the technicalities of your search, we wanted to provide a bit of morale boosting as well.  Yes, searching for the “perfect job” is a daunting task, in any career.  Especially when you put that kind of “perfect” pressure on yourself!  Here is how a PR girl (or any newbie in the job hunting biz) takes a step back and chills out before locking herself in Mom & Dad’s basement:

Gain some perspective – While it’s tempting to look only for the highest-paying, most glamorous, or biggest firm PR jobs out there, you need to be realistic about not only the availability of these positions, but the experience you have going into the search. While many of the “top 20” firms in NY will accept Junior or Assistant Account Executives out of college, many of them will not accept a new grad if they do not have internship experience at their own firm or one of the other “top 20”

Be realistic – Think about your job search as your college search: you had your aspirational schools, your “sure things” and your safeties. It’s always good to select a range of options like this, to keep you from wanting to cry when you go after 10 dream jobs and get no replies

Breathe – While the above might sound pessimistic, if anything it should give you a little hope. There are hoards of guys and girls in the same boat you are, so it’s best to get scrappy and find you “diamond in the rough”

Have a bit of fun, and learn something – In your dig for jobs or internships with smaller firms, take time to learn about each one. Listen to your reactions, and see what sparks your interest. Are you drawn to the boutique firm that’s won design awards? Look for more creative companies.  Need to write? Look for smaller firms that are considered “pitch houses.” Looking for a job can be a bit like apartment hunting – though frustrating, it’s fun to see how other people live

Talk to others about your feelings – If you’re struggling, need some advice, or just need to vent, be sure to talk it out. Even if your friends aren’t in PR, they may be able to sympathize.  If all you have are finance female friends, take to Twitter or your alumni network.  Thanks to social media, there is someone you can find (hello, over here!) to talk through your concerns, and congratulate you on your successes


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