PR Girl PRowess: Juggling Multiple Events

We have #NYFW fever over here at nyc PR girls.  Adrianna and I both have to attend multiple shows for different clients, all the while keeping on top of our daily client work and responsibilities.  I’m also planning for three separate events in March, so all those logistics have kicked into high gear this week.  Though this can be seen as one of the more “glamorous” sides of PR, it is stressful to try to handle various events and all the little things that go with them.

As we’ve said many times, a PR girl needs to wear many hats when she’s on the job.  One second, you could be a media wrangler, the next a brand spokesperson, and the next a manicurist (I’ve seen it happen).  Whether you’re a veteran event gal or have just started the job and your event schedule makes you want to rip your hair out, here are a few things to keep in mind when working to keep on top of multiple events:

Write down EVERYTHING – With so many little things involved in planning and executing an event, sometimes it’s best to grab a fresh legal pad and write down every little thing that’s on your mind.  At first it might seem overwhelming, but in the end it can help you organize your thoughts.

Delegate, and seek help – Event time is a great opportunity to practice managing skills and work with team members, whether they be above or below you.  No one really expects you to handle everything.  Take on the tasks that are your responsibility, but when you need help with big projects or checking media appointments, speak up.

Be punctual – Nothing is worse during event time than feeling behind, and being late makes it even worse.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to new locations, and plan for travel mix ups.  Don’t try to squeeze in meetings you really don’t have time for.  You are one human, not a time traveler.

Find passion in it – Even though an event’s logistics may be driving you crazy (WHY DO CELEBRITIES NEED GLUTENFREESOYFREEDAIRYFREESUGARFREE CHEETOS?), try to find the elements of planning that you enjoy and thrive on.  Completing tasks that come with ease and satisfaction are signs that you are in the right profession (you can laugh about getting a bachelor’s degree for grocery shopping for talent later).

And finally… breathe.  Behave with poise, and make yourself proud.


How do you juggle many events during crazy PR times?

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