PR Girl PRowess: Learning Your Productivity Schedule

Learning your “productivity schedule” is something important to every young professional, but to the PR girl it is essential.   Our days can easily be filled with internal meetings and check-ins with the client, not to mention pitching, administration items for team, and monitoring that are daily necessities.   We could easily fill 10 hours a day just doing the bare minimum needs.

No one is going to grow in their field that way, so it’s important to figure out when you are the most productive with which tasks.   When I can, I plan meetings around when I can focus and I know there will be nothing pressing on my plate.   Here are a few items you should take into consideration when planning your productivity schedule:

What time of day are you most social/on your game? This is when you should be PITCHING -Though it would be great to get to media in the beginning of the day, I am admittedly not a social person in the morning.   I take my time to organize myself and get on the tasks that were left unfinished the day before.   I’ve never had luck pitching in the middle of the day, so I choose to do the majority of my pitching after 4pm.   I catch a lot of editors at their desks at the end of the day, and they’re checking their emails before they go home.

When are you most able to concentrate? This when you can WRITE PLANS or PRESS MATERIALS -After 10:30am, when the caffeine from my green tea has kicked in and I can blast music in my ears, is my sweet time for writing.   If I procrastinate and leave it to the end of the day, my writing usually feels rushed.   Starting a writing project this early also allows me to outline my work and take time on format as well as quality of writing (always important).

Have a moment to breathe? Take time to do some MONITORING – Though it’s a no-brainer to check the news every morning for breaking headlines and mentions of any clients, I can get super distracted if I do all my monitoring first thing in the AM.   I choose to do a deeper dive at lunch when I have a break at my desk.   That way, if I find any new outlets I want to pitch, I can save them for my personal pitching party later in the afternoon.

Have you figured out your productivity schedule?

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