PR Girl PRowess: Making the Most of Your Travel

As many of you know by now, January has been a month of travel for me.   Between the holidays, new client meetings in California and now an event at Sundance in Park City, Utah, I would like to think I’ve hit my travel quota for the first quarter of 2012.  



girl, you’re so chic

To be honest, I kind of love it.   Not only have I always been infatuated with new places, but the experiences and opportunities that come from traveling from work are pretty much unmatched in the PR world.   You are always meeting new people and making connections, and you have a fun (sometimes silly or stressful) client event to bond over.

You can take advantage of any travel you do as a PR girl, whether it’s a movie premiere or a staycation with your parents.   Here is how to rock any trip you take and make the most of it for yourself:

  • Make eye contact with every person you meet (even your waiter at dinner) and repeat your name.   Practicing your “introduction skills” are key over work travels.   Get used to becoming friendly with strangers.
  • Bring business cards. Everywhere.
  • Ask people to follow you on Twitter. Everywhere.
  • Take an opportunity to learn something new about your boss/peers/teammates/friends.   Make their travel as easy as you can for them.   Did your intern mention she’s newly obsessed with frozen yogurt? Grab her a cup at your layover as a surprise.
  • Make sure to take pictures.   Again – tweet them!
  • Take time to see a little bit of each city.   Learn about the PR world within each place.   Are there many media outlets here you could engage with if you decide to come back on a whim?
  • And as always, stay safe.   If you’re traveling by yourself, keep your wits about you and always make sure you have an easy way to get back to the hotel at the end of the night (and I like to indulge in room service).


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