PR Girl PRowess: Master the Pep Talk

Public relations as a career is completely out of my comfort zone.   Naturally I am an introverted person who likes to keep to herself, most likely with a rom-com on DVR and some Pinkberry in my hand.   Pushing myself out of the box has been not only exciting, but completely rewarding.   Working in a career that doesn’t necessarily seem like the best “fit” continuously gives me a high that I’m not sure I would find in my first career path of choice (when I was growing up, I wanted to be a novelist. As in I pictured myself holed up in a log cabin writing books for a living. A little different).

However, this does not mean that I have the natural cojones to wake up each morning and turn off my shy side. By this time in my career, I’ve become a master self-pep-talker.   Growing up I’ve always believed in the power of affirmations.   A and I can both tell you if you truly believe you can do it, whether its breaking into PR or running a marathon, you can.

You cannot feel silly about practicing a little self-love.   It’s important to talk yourself up, and you’d be surprised the effect it has on your confidence and performance. Besides, who is going to love you if you can’t love yourself?   If you’re a little rusty on your pep talk or are new to affirmations, here are a few tips:

Think proactive as well as positive – It’s not enough to say to yourself, “I’m hot sh*t and I own this b*tch,” as funny/easy as that may be.   Think about actions you want to complete, and why you are perfectly capable of handling them: “I will completely rock this interview, because I am creative and quick thinking and this company needs those qualities,” or “I will meet new people and make connections at this industry event, because I am friendly and have important things to share with other people in my industry”

Get in a routine – I give myself a little talking-to each morning as I’m doing my makeup.   As a former ballet dancer, I’m naturally hard on myself and I critique almost everything I do (before anyone else gets a chance to). Taking the time while I’m pampering myself and getting pretty helps me unwind before a crazy day, and reinforces that I am ready to take on whatever comes my way

But practice any time, any where – Get yourself pumped up for an industry event on the subway.   Do a little positive thinking while you’re parking the car. The more you help yourself out and clear your head through self-motivation, the more naturally these positive thoughts will come throughout the day


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