PR Girl PRowess: Missing an Opportunity

Though we are all about the positive here at nyc PR girls, sometimes the universe has other plans for us. Deadlines are missed, we’re late for events, we can’t make it for an industry function, or simply life gets in the way of our career.   Whether it’s a feature that would have been perfect for your client or an interview gone wrong, the most important thing you can do after a missed opportunity is work your hardest to make the best of a not-so-ideal situation.   Here is our action plan for making up for a lost prospect:

Asses the situation: How could you have prevented this mishap? Was it simply out of your control? If so, breathe. Provide an explanation of why you were no where to be seen when the time was right.   If you missed a deadline from misreading instructions or pure procrastination, don’t try to make excuses.

Attempt to solve the issue: If you missed a feature for your client, follow up with the editor to see what they were looking for when writing the piece. Think of other angles where your client/product could be a fit later on (but not COPYING the article just written. More on that later).   If you missed a job opportunity, call the HR department and ask if there will be any similar job openings in the future, potentially in another department or sister agency.

Follow up: Don’t watch an opportunity pass you by, chase after it.   Continue making follow up calls and emails to learn more about similar prospects. This missed connection could actually lead to other networking opportunities and bigger projects.   Turn the negative into a positive, and keep in mind that with some hard work you CAN make up for a loss.


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