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Dear nyc PR girls,

I’m a recent PR grad with the goal of moving into Fashion PR. I currently work at a small, new company doing social media managing, PR work, and everything else but the kitchen sink. Long story short, the company isn’t really growing as expected and I’m not learning as much as I’d like. I’m  also hoping to move to a position that is more in the fashion PR direction. Since I’ve only been at this current company for 8 months, is it too soon for me to leave? Will I look flaky? Although I have gained a great title for my resume, I haven’t necessarily learned much.

Should I start the hunt? Have I done my due diligence with this company, or do I need to stick it out?


Biding My Time



This is a great question that we receive a lot, and we often ask ourselves, as PR girls and professionals. How do you know when you’ve put your time in? When can you leave, and when do you know you’re ready to leave? We’ve all been there. This is part of being in the business world, but you also need to listen to what is best for you.

The tips below aren’t set in stone, but they are good guidelines to keep in mind if you’re considering a job switch up.

If you’re an intern, you have more chances to move – You can switch jobs every 6 months if you’re still in school or not officially on the payroll. That’s your right as an intern (one of the few perks!). If you’re an employee, you should always try to stick it out for at least a year, unless the working conditions are unbearable or the job is not what you were promised

Have you explored all your options within your current job? – Have to be honest here… the job market isn’t great, and there are signs that it may be getting more difficult. Have you really hit the ceiling in your current job, or is there an opportunity to ask for more responsibility/growth opportunity/bigger projects you can lead? Think BIG picture… what are you looking for in your education as a PR professional? How can you get that experience at your current job? Especially in the case of “Biding my Time” above, she claims she has a great title but not much learnings. Not a good position to be in. Use that title to ask for more work, or come up with ideas on your own!

Where do you see your next step? – Have you learned basic skills at your current job that can take you to where you want to be, or do you need more experience and a larger network? If you’ve just graduated, it’s all about baby steps and having patience. You need to remember that Fashion PR is its own breed. You need contacts, know-how, and aggressive, unrelenting persuasion skills. If you still need these assets, there are still a few things for you to learn before jumping headfirst into fashion. If you feel you MUST make a move, the in-between for people switching to Fashion PR is usually Consumer PR, so you can get to know the marketing and contact pool you’ll need when you move to smaller consumer/luxury niches.

As for “Biding My Time,” personally I wouldn’t move just yet. If you enjoy your job but you want to be sure you’re learning everything you can, just ask! Find an online mentor or fellow PR friend and compare notes. Where are you in experience against your peers? What projects would you love to take on? Since you have some time in at your current company, why not use that to your best advantage?

Good luck! Xo

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