PR Girl PRowess: Strut Your Stuff

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing a girl who really came to the office knowing she was right for our open internship. She knew exactly what she wanted to communicate, she knew she could make a good impression, and she did it. Not only was I impressed, but almost every member of my team who met with her agreed shes would make a great fit at our company.

This girl is blessed with PR girl confidence. She probably had it from a young age. Not all of us are so lucky.

It took me several years to feel sure of myself in my career and in my role at my company. Mostly, it just takes time, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you pick up that admirable charm early on as well. Whether you’re heading into an interview or it’s another day at the office, try a few of the below to help strut your PR girl stuff:

Semi-stalk those you admire – Yes, this sounds creepy. Get over it. If you have a colleague or friend at school who you admire for her bad-ass-ness, take a few notes. What does she say to get people to understand her point of view? How does she walk into a room? How does she introduce herself?

Get your own Sasha Fierce – As lame as this sounds, I bring myself into a mindset of the task I need to handle and think about how a totally-in-control PR girl would kick ass doing it. Some call it alter-egos. Some call it personas. Whatever. The point is, sometimes you need to be your own hype girl and fake it until you make it. Beyonce had Sasha Fierce for years, until she got to the point where she knew she could handle it all on her own, and killed her.

Nail your first impression – Come in strong. Smile when introducing yourself to everyone. Shake hands, sometimes use both hands if you want to make a personal connection or feel like the other person needs to chill out. Even if the other people in the room aren’t as friendly, if you come in happy and ready to work, if these people don’t  get on your level it’s their own fault. Now you own the room. Way to go.


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