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The NY Times and I have had a bit of a rough patch.   I’m usually pretty subjective when it comes to my news outlets.   I don’t like to pass judgement on the bias of any one paper, since a variety of opinions and news articles can come from each and every one.   Yesterday, NY Times released this article on how young women are affecting the country’s vocal and linguistic habits and trends.   The most recent being “vocal frying.”   And basically, according to the Times, it sounds stupid.

You may be thinking “That sh*t kraaaayyy.” And you may be  proving their point.   It can be argued that Kanye didn’t  just sing the new slang word,  but took it from the new trend of “vocal frying,” (or as the Times describes it, “a guttural fluttering of the vocal cords…best described as a raspy or croaking sound injected at the end of a sentence”) that was started by young girls.   While you may be thinking this is an insult (which I immediately got defensive, and absolutely took as an insult), the article goes on to describe how this is actually young women working to  promote relationships and recognition among their peers through new trends in speech.

So think about the power you, yourself, have with your voice and the way you speak.   If I’m being honest, the way a person presents herself in conversation immediately affects her first impression on me.   “Trendy,” or “casual” speak may be fine among friends or while you’re gabbing with your sister on the phone, but in the work place there is absolutely a time and place.   In my mind, if you’re ranting withyour fellow PR girls on the pit of cubes, it’s fine.   It can be healthy even, and further your relationship with those you work with in the trenches each day.   But a brainstorm with the company partner or client call? Absolutely not.

How do you think your speech affects your work life? Do you “talk” different with your girlfriends than at work?

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