PR Girl PRowess: What to Do When You’re Behind

Sometimes even the most efficient of PR girls and guys find themselves at a slow start. Whether your school work has caught up with you, you’ve been spending too much time on another client, or just got rained on, we all have those moments when time management seems like an impossible task.

Before you begin to flip your lid or resign to impossibly late nights in the office, here are a few ways you can control your catch up and get the work done.


Alert the necessary parties – Whether it’s your professor, your intern manager, your mom, your supervisor… whoever checks in on you to be sure you got your work done. Let them know exactly what is on your plate. Most of the time, they can help you delegate some work to other team members so you can focus on what is most important

Prioritize, for realz – This seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people spend an unnecessary amount of time on a small project when another with a large deadline still sits unattended to in the inbox. If you have any questions on how long a project should take you or what should be completed first, ask your manager

Clear your schedule – If you must attend a planning meeting, a mentor meeting, or a call with a client, then go. If it can be rescheduled until later in the week when you have your sea legs back, do it

Get started early – Sometimes I like working late, because it helps me get my to-do list cleared for the next day. But there is something to be said to sitting down at 8am with a huge cup of coffee and knocking it all out before anyone else is logged onto email. You’d be surprised what your brain can accomplish first thing in the morning

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