PR Girl Texting Don’ts

Whether we like it or not, texting is a huge part of our dating life. When swapping numbers, usually the first thing you encounter is a text. While texting can deepen a relationship, it can also ruin one, particularly for PR girls who tend to over analyze. Here are a few PR girl texting don’ts when it comes to dating.

  • Don’t try and make sarcastic jokes. They’re often misconstrued and awkward.
  • Don’t open up with anything that’s embarrassing.  It could be shown to others. Just as you wouldn’t reveal something private about a client, keep it to intimate conversation in person once the relationship deepens.
  • Don’t overtext. Huge mistake in the beginning of a relationship. You may have text chemistry, but it might end up lacking in person and you just wasted how much time going back and forth?
  • Don’t expect an immediate answer. While we’re used to urgency and immediate responses, the same doesn’t go for texts. The person your texting may have fallen asleep, took a call, who knows! Don’t over analyze.
  • Don’t get snarky. Ugh this happens all the time. “Why didn’t you text me back?” Don’t, don’t, don’t!
  • Don’t over confirm a date. We do this all the time at the office, “To confirm…” If plans are set, don’t confirm them. Trust that he still has the plans in mind, otherwise you’ll look needy and overexcited – turn-offs.
  • Don’t text him first. If he wants to see or talk to you he will. No if, ands or buts.
  • Don’t text during a date. Your co-workers will find out about your date in the office tomorrow.
  • Don’t overthink it. Let your personality show. Don’t reread your texts a million times like we do client notes before sending. Don’t reread the conversation thinking to yourself, “Should I have said that?” Just let it be.

What are some other texting don’ts?

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