PR Girl’s Life Balance Pyramid

I saw Lauryn’s Life Balance Pyramid on her blog this week, and it inspired me to create one for the PR girl. We get loads of questions about “what it takes” to be  a successful PR beyatch, and work-life balance is key. Below is how I try to keep it all together:


  1. First and foremost, family and friends. Obviously. I live with my sister, I talk to my mom and dad multiple times a week (try to see them at least once a month), and I talk to Adrianna every single day. If not, every single hour. I make time for the people who are most important in my life with brunch, lunch and phone dates. Just talking or gchat even helps to keep things going
  2. I am an introvert by nature, so time to myself is absolutely necessary. If I don’t have a few hours each day or a full day each week to recharge the batteries, I am no good to the world. I also put in this category eating right, exercise, reading and meditating. If I’m eating Easy Mac and cookies for days on end, I might be fat and happy on day one but I will ABSOLUTELY have a carboload hangover on day three
  3. As an NYC PR girl it is no surprise that my career is pretty high up there. I’m still young, so work is a high priority and I am always trying to grow in my field. Our blog is also included within this category, which helps me keep my job fun, creative, and interesting
  4. Oooo la la, the love life. There was a time there that I put this on the farthest back burner possible (we’re talking behind the microwave collecting dust), and I was just not a happy girl. Romance keeps you excited, interested, and helps you learn more about yourself. If you don’t have a significant other, get on Tinder, OK Cupid,, whatever. There are plenty of outlets for you to snag yourself some flirtatious banter and a date
  5. I absolutely make sure I have some new adventures and experiences ready for me at least once a month. Most of the time I keep it in New York, since there is always a new restaurant or park to check out, but you can also get out of the city and go apple picking, sky diving, henna-tatt00ing… whatever lights your fire
  6. The “misc.” bucket includes all the little things that make me happy almost on a daily basis. Hot tea, runs in the park, shopping sprees, tumblr… anything that can put a smile on my face really quick



What would be in your life balance pyramid?


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