PR Girls on Summer Fridays

This week has been a strange one to say the very least.   Almost like two short weeks squished into one, with a mini-weekend in between.   Nevertheless, my office is just as busy as it always is.

Every PR professional struggles with how to juggle the lack of attention from media (and sometimes clients) over summer hours, making it especially difficult to find our own motivation to complete assignments during the day.   Now, perhaps more than ever, it is important to be vocal with your team about what can actually get done during strange summer days.   Here are a couple of things you may want to flag:

Pitching – It is best to keep pitching casual with your contacts during holidays or Summer Friday hours.   If you have hard-hitting news, pick up the phone and talk through whether it is a fit for the outlet.   No one appreciates their inbox being filled with nonsense, and during the summer that frustration is tripled.   Make sure you acknowledge the summer hours or schedule in your pitch, leading with something like “I’m sure you’re ready to get out in the sun, but I did want to pass something by you quickly…”

Team meetings – With people going in and out of the office and holidays scattered through the months, it’s easy for team meetings to be cancelled or rescheduled on top of one another.   Don’t let your days be full of internals in meetings.   If your schedule is jam-packed for the day, ask if you can miss a couple internals and get caught up offline later so you can get some actual work done

Procrastination – It is no secret, I am a MASTER procrastinator. If you find your mind wandering, turn it to some activity that is a bit of a brain break but also helpful for your daily work.   Catch up on the news or do a scan for industry developments.   Check out competitor blogs or Pinterest pages, or work on updating a media list with new contacts.   Don’t let Facebook take over as you watch the clock for the weekend.


How do you handle your workload on Summer Fridays?

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