PR Girls Turn Heads, and Guys Know It

Created by our dear friend, @nicholeciotti,  The Lease Agreement is one of our favorite blogs for discussing the life and loves of the confident woman.  Told in the voice of your snarky best friend, The Lease Agreement explores the beneficial relationships that should exist between you (the ultimate betch) and your guy (a hot bro of your choosing).  A fellow PR and communications girl, we asked Nichole to contribute a guest post on how PR can help us in our busy and overwhelming dating lives.  Be sure to follow The Lease Agreement on Twitter at @lease_agreement for more daily affirmations of betch-iness (and some laugh-out-loud recaps of Bachelor Pad).

A PR girl is the ultimate betch. And no, that wasn’t a typo. Simply put, a betch is classy, fabulous, and exciting. She holds her own ground and is a confident woman, both in her career and in a relationship. She isn’t a pushover and she doesn’t whine. Most of all, she is fierce, fun, and fearless. Don’t confuse a betch as a bitch. There’s a difference.   A bitch is unpleasant, selfish, and malicious for no reason at all. Quite frankly, being called a betch is a valued compliment. PR girls know this.

All PR betches know how important communication, branding, and conveying a message can be in their career, but what about when it comes to finding love in the Big Apple? Check out these examples of how to use your PR skills to your advantage when you find love in the city.

1.  Communication. Communicating with a man is much different than communicating with your pack of betches, but it is similar to how you communicate with clients. Men use communication in order to achieve something. They talk to figure out plans, to meet up, to ask for directions, to discuss Monday Night Football, and to ask where their next meal is coming from. They don’t communicate because they’re interested in talking about feelings or how their bff made them feel when he didn’t show up to boys night out. Most importantly, they don’t want to hear you talking about them either. Talking about feelings to a man will feel like work, and that is the last thing you want to become ‘“ a chore. In the beginning, always keeps things fun and light. When you communicate like he does, he gains more respect for you. This makes him come around more often. You feel happy. Your work performance increases. It’s a domino effect, really. At times, treating a relationship like a business can be very valuable. When you take emotion out of it, you gain clarity and communicate clearly.

2. Branding. You are your own brand. The object is not to play hard to get, but rather hard to forget. You’re a complex brand so don’t put all your cards on the table at once. Mystery is part of the reason why people respect you. Believe it or not, texting is a great opportunity for you to play up this mystery card. Picture this. You’re out with a few fellow PR betches sipping cocktails on the Upper East Side. You pull out your iPhone and have a text from your potential suitor saying, ‘œHey betch, what are you up to?’ DON’T MESS THIS UP. First of all, please don’t respond immediately. You didn’t just land a new client; you’re trying to land a hot date. Most girls would probably respond within a window of 10 minutes, but not PR girls. PR girls are busy even when they’re not busy. The nice girl responds with, ‘œHey [insert crush here]! What’s up? I’m with J, A, and B at Ciros getting a couple cocktails. Not sure what we’re doing after. What are you up to?’ That is straight up #scary. This girl just verbally threw up her entire night and basically shouted from the rooftops that she’s AVAILABLE if he wants to meet up. The PR girl wants to meet up of course, but she plays her hand much differently. Her response sounds something like this, ‘œHey you, I’m getting drinks with friends on the Upper East Side.’ Friends. Not girls, but friends. You don’t give too much detail, but just enough that keeps him wondering where in the Upper East Side you may be. Voila! You created a sense of mystery in a very simple way. Don’t feel bad about not asking what he’s doing because after all, you’re the one that is out. If he continues with the conversation, do carry on a light banter when you are able to respond. Be flirty. Be sassy. Be the PR betch that everyone all knows and loves.

3. Convey succinct messages. It’s no secret that the means by which a message is communicated can be as important as the message itself. How you convey these messages clearly changes depending on your audience. As PR betches, we convey messages to an array of audiences daily. Think Twitter, Facebook, clients, friends, family:you get the point. Time to add another audience to that list:the male species. Believe it or not, making eye contact with a man can improve your likeability. It sounds simple, but it’s actually make or break. Avoiding eye contact on a date suggests nervousness, a rare quality to find in a PR betch! Unless your date is putting you to sleep, avoid looking around the room too much. Put the focus on him and let your own brand shine through. Next, be flirty. Lightly touch his arm, smile and give him a sexy, ‘œI know you want a piece of this’ glare. Note: Make sure you practice this one in the mirror beforehand. We don’t want a disaster. Lastly, be confident. At the end of the day, nothing compares to the confidence of a PR betch. Her demeanor commands attention no matter what role she plays.


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