PR Pitch Mistakes

Yesterday at dinner, I was talking with a colleague about being a blogger and being on the receiving end of pitches.  M and I have been listed in Cision since the day we started this blog several years ago and we are pitched by PR professionals like ourselves every day. Since then, I can honestly say we’ve only used maybe 3 or 4 pitches out of the hundreds (maybe the thousands) we’ve received. So why is this? There are many reasons why reporters, editors and producers don’t respond to our pitches and they end up in the trash bin. Here is why…

  • Irrelevant. I can’t tell you how many irrelevant pitches we get. If the people who pitched us actually read our blog, they would know we don’t cover what celebrities are wearing or where they’ve been spotted. Delete. Delete. Delete.
  • Just the release. This has to be the worst practice. It looks like spam. PR pros will send just their client’s press release (or a media alert) – no introduction, no thought behind why we might be interested. Nada. We won’t spend the time to read just the release– who would?!
  • Too much content. Since we’re inundated with emails all day, I can say I never have time to even read an entire full blown pitch. As PR pros, all that time we spend pitch writing and pitching is time wasted when no one’s actually reading the email. Before you send the full pitch, shoot a 2 sentence email asking if I’m interested. You’re more likely to receive a response yes or no.

What are some other PR pitch mistakes you’ve encountered? I’m sure there are plenty…


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