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September has already been a blur. Before Fashion Week one of my biggest clients was in town, then followed by a weekend full of runway presentations and events, which drove me into sickness for the next week. I haven’t been able to catch up on sleep or a proper daily routine ever since, and it is really affecting my productivity overall. While we like to think of ourselves as PR warriors, every warrior needs to take a rest. And there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Since I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve learned that listening to my instincts about what my body and mind needs is really what leads to the best results. Sometimes, all you feel like doing is sitting on your couch and watching Scandal for 10 hours. Sometimes, this really wouldn’t be the most productive or beneficial way to bounce back from a slump.  Here are some low-key, low-commitment ways you can treat yourself right and get back into an ass-kicking routine.

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Find your favorite tea – One of my favorite things to do is sit on my couch with Pinterest or the Food Network and test out a new tea flavor. Tea is like a warm bath for your insides. Weird, but soothing

Change out your closet – With the seasons change, it’s time to take care of your clothes and redefine your style. Pack up your shorts and flip flops, and donate any clothes that don’t fit your professional and personal aesthetic any longer

Go for a walk – Fresh air is amazing. It cleans out your lungs and your mind, and straightens your spine

Make something healthy – Soup has been on my mind about 24/7 with the weather even getting just a little bit cooler. There are a bunch of recipes I want to try in a crock-pot or on the stove

Find a new book, and nap – I was reading religiously in August, but work caught up to me and I find I’m missing it terribly. Nothing is better on a Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon than starting a book and taking a quick cat nap in between chapters

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