To Do’s When There’s Nothing To Do

I know what you’re probably thinking – there’s always something to do in PR! Agreed, but there are those down times with no immediate deadlines and a couple of hours to spare. Be sure to make use of this time and impress your team by taking initiative and completing some of the following tasks.

  • Update Media Lists:  These contacts are ever changing and lists can always use additions.
  • Develop New Pitch Ideas: Think about what’s relevant in the news now (or what could be in the future) and how your client could fit in.
  • Review Editorial Calendars: Look to long-lead media for opportunities for your client. You can usually find editorial calendars posted online in magazine media kits.
  • Check-In with Editors: Haven’t reached out to that editor who got you an amazing placement a few months ago? Take time to check-in and see what he/she is currently working on. It might just be a fit for another one of your clients.
  • Catch-Up on Industry News: Read through a few articles and send any informative information to your team.

What are some other to do’s when there’s not much to do?

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