PR Twitter Tips: August 2012

With the closing of summer, M and I are looking forward to fall and are happy to share this months best PR twitter tips. Tweet #PR101 for a chance to be included in next months round-up.

@SueannTannis: The uncompromisable law of public relations: Never, ever assume.

@CFDA: Focus on what makes you unique. 99% of the time, talent prevails. –  Pierre Rougier

@TeamIPR:  Make sure your website/social media links work & are still active!

@FreshImagePR: Don’t say something on or off the record that you would regret seeing in print later.

@PRMentalityLLC: When promoting a new brand, it is all about developing brand awareness. Brand loyalty will come later.

@TheSilverTele: Remember to update your media lists regularly.

@CityPRGirl: Read everything! From blogs to newspapers… It’s important to be aware of changes in the industry & in the world.

@PeaRlBellaPR: Use creativity and inventiveness to keep your cause in the limelight.

@KJPrry: Research is just as important as execution.

@AlyssaPR: Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

@NataliepBui: In correspondence always address a human. Email is inhuman enough.

@LyNNPRmentaLity: It’s important that clients fit the needs of the firm and the firm fits the needs of the client.

@AlisonMCross: Write down everything! It’s a fast pace world and you’ll want to reference your notes regularly.

@9jamusic: Hard work pays off. Build your resume, make connections, be the best you can be.

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