PR Twitter Tips: January 2012

In case you missed them, catch up on some of the best #PR101 Twitter Tips of last month. Thanks to all who contributed.

@dcterry: PR isn’t as much about BEING in the public as it is PREPARING people for the public.

@Franceluxehair: When sending an email to someone who doesn’t know you the subject line is VERY important.

@ErnestBee:  No one cares how busy you are – they just care if they’ll get their requested quotes/releases/samples in time.

@ItsanotherPRgrl: Never let them see you sweat (in other words, if you have to cry – go outside)

@stephaniegrow: Just when you think you can’t get busier, you do. Procrastintion is enemy number one.

@Bella_Carter1:  Remember to be authentic in all of your actions.

@i_d_g: Always open attachments to double check them before you hit send.

@MsLauralai: It’s never wise to pitch in the dark. Get yourself a flashlight and do some research.

@runway254: Give your clients more, spoil them.

@JuliaLeePR:  Always ask, never ASSUME.

@WhimPR: Think twice before you send that boring pitch…

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