PR Twitter Tips: January 2013

Happy Monday and hope you had a great Super Bowl! Did Beyonce kill it or what?! January was filled with Twitter tips (plus our Twitter chat). Thanks to all that tweeted using #PR101 and don’t forget to tweet us @nycprgirls.


@PeaRlBellaPR: Produce a comprehensive list of potential crises.

@MelissaHassard: When you speak, know your audience.

@AAllenPR: Hope for the best BUT prepare for the worst.

@LyNNPRmentaLity: It’s all about planning your work and working your plan.

@AlyssaPR: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

@HRHSymone: If networking in the same circles over and over again, then that’s how far you’ll go. Think outside of your circumference.

@Miss_Greyson: Be open to different types of engagement through social media.

@smittencreative: Some media prefer a certain pitch style. Do your research before pitching.

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