PR Twitter Tips: March 2012

March was a month filled with travel, events and insightful #PR101 tweets. Here are a few that stood out…

@AjsCorner1:  It only takes a few seconds to look over things. Whether a proposal, blog entry, text or tweet read it over for errors.

@Leanne_Barton: Practice what you preach.

@LyNNPRmentaLity: If you feel that there is an issue with your client, be sure to speak with him/her immediately.

@MinnieRosePRGrl: It’s always best to be polite and gracious in every circumstance.

@eye4style: Pitching smart is more important than pitching wide.

@MarigoPR:  YOU seal the deal. It’s not just the pitch. When you make yourself known, people will want to work with you.

@LyNNPRmentaLity: It’s imperative that bloggers, editors etc understand why they should cover the story and how it can benefit them.

@LausanneLDN:  Building a powerful brand takes months/years of creativity, credibility & authenticity.

@JenelleHamilton:  ALWAYS have a Plan B. You will have to work with others who are not as efficient as you, so think of everything!

@KjPRry: Keep your values in line with your work and know where to draw the line.

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