PR Twitter Tips: November 2012

Can you believe we’re almost through with the first week of December?! Before we look forward to the holidays, below is a look back at our favorite #PR101 tips from Twitter. Thanks to all that are included. Keep tweeting Xo

@AlyssaPR: Do it with passion or not at all.

@bcorx3: The date I’m talking to asked me what PR was? Life is how you present yourself, everything is PR.

@BAmbassadors: Effectively use freelancers when you are in need of extra hands.

@SueannTannis: During a crisis, hope for the best but actively plan for a comeback.

@ChristensenPR: Confirmation is king. Don’t assume. Follow-up.

@AnetkaStarrPR: Remain humble and approachable as you achieve success.

@JohanneCadet: It’s important to keep in “contact” with your contacts. Don’t just reach out to them when you need something.

@AnetkaStarrPR: Being accessible makes you indispensable!

@WhitPR: PR is about timing and it takes time.

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