PR Twitter Tips: September 2011

Last month was filled with an ample amount of notable PR Twitter Tips. We couldn’t even narrow it down to the top ten! Thanks again to all that tweeted.

@AllyAsh: Don’t put images on a press release if you’re not prepped to give them to the press.

@VeronicaLeeAnne: Before you can have social media  be beneficial for a client, you must thoroughly explain the benefits to your client!

@Runway254: Always apologize way in advance if you are running late.

@NVisionMarketin:  When pitching editors about interviewing your client, please have a story idea & not just their bio & stats.

@VeronicaLeeAnne  It’s a tough world  , don’t be naïve – it takes a lot of work    & dedication  to get the word about “you” out there!

@kulasj: Work hard, play hard.

@dkny: Sometimes PR is a thankless job. So do it for yourself.

@THEIAprChick:  Always look your best! You never know who you’ll meet or what the day will bring.

@MelissaMariePR: Block out the negative comments when your trying to do your job. It will just distract you, stay focused on your goal.

@KeepingUpWKen: Public speaking is also a great part of being a publicist.

@prforsmallbiz:  When pitching a journalist, always ask 1st if it’s a good time to talk & if they’re on deadline.

@PRProfessor: Public Relations truly is establishing & maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

@AlexLorenz23:  If you want the media to pick up your press release, write it like they would. Make sure they have little to edit.

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