PR Girl Fashion First Impressions

Tomorrow, Adrianna and I are thrilled to be hosting our first webinar with Critical Mention (you can register here). The topic?  Fashion in the PR workplace, and we’re covering every questionable fashion situation from the first interview to the trade show.  When we first were asked to come up with outfits and topics, A and I were a little stumped to say the least.  At this point in our careers, we sometimes think our outfit choices for events and big moments at work are easier than choosing our sweatpants for movie night.  However, at every office the night before an event, each girl asks the other “so what are you going to wear?”  It doesn’t matter how trendy or “with it” you might be, we want to be sure we’re giving the right impression at whatever event we’re at.

When looking at an outfit, it’s best to use common sense and ask yourselves a few frank questions about what you have on.  It can be easy, especially when used to dressing up for friends or going out, to throw something on and assume it’s good enough.  You don’t want to be “good enough,” you want to be the best!  Here’s what you should be asking yourself when you look in the mirror:

  • Is this appropriate?
  • Is this comfortable?
  • Is there an opportunity for a wardrobe malfunction anywhere?
  • Is it clean?
  • Does it fit right?
  • Is this color flattering?
  • Is this too flashy?
  • Does anything need to be repaired?
  • Can I move around?
  • Do I feel confident?

We’ll be covering more PR girl (and guy!) fashion options in tomorrow’s webinar.  Be sure to tune in!

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