PR Girl Jargon Part I: Basic Acronyms

As A has explained in the past, there is a lot the PR pro does not learn from her professor in college. Another large item most of us are never taught in class is the PR jargon that is passed around the office on a daily basis.   When I was an intern, I heard jumbles of letters being thrown around at the drop of a hat, and I really wished I had a cheat sheet of some sort to give me a clue as to what everyone was talking about.   Below we’ve called out a some of the most used acronyms in public relations with a few helpful definitions:

SMT – Satellite Media Tour

Broadcast segments taped via satellite featuring and paid for by your brand.  Usually includes a brand spokesperson, and airs on about 25 local news channels in different markets.

RNR – Radio News Release

Usually accompanying a SMT, the spokesperson shares a soundbite from the program to select list of radio stations

ANR – Audio News Release

Similar to a press release, a script about 60 seconds long is shared with radio news hosts, usually through a syndicated station

MNR – Media News Release

Also similar to a press release, but sent over the wire with video or photos

CPM – Cost Per Measurement

A tool clients like to use in determining the return of a placement – usually measuring media impressions against ad cost

ROO – Return On Objective

Status of the program against the final program goals

ROI – Return On Investment

Final return on the initial program initiative

PO – Purchase Order

MCM – Multi Cultural Markets

RFP – Request For Proposal

When a client requests a proposal for new work, he is usually putting your company under review against other agencies

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The more you know about SEO, the more of an asset you are to your company

UMV – Unique Monthly Visitors

What other abbreviations or acronyms are you curious about?   GTL does not count – we’re all curious about that one.

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