PR Girl PRowess: Mastering the Brainstorm

One of my most favorite things about my job is participating in new business brainstorms.  The last couple weeks I’ve drafted editor event details, wrote up product launch events and finished new business proposals.  Though it is a lot of work (and a lot of PLANNING rather than actually DOING), at the end of it my brain definitely appreciates the extra creative exercise.   A and I have given you the PR 101 on brainstorms before, but mastering the brainstorm definitely comes with practice.   Here are my top three favorite ways to get started on a brainstorm:

Pretend there is zero budget – If you could do absolutely ANYTHING for your client/potential client, what would it be?   Release doves in Times Square? Start a flash mob? Create crop circles?   Get a little crazy.   Even if it sounds insane, it may spark another idea from yourself or a brainstorm partner

Act like you own the joint – If you were the client, or the CEO of your client’s company, what would you want your company to do? How do you see the company making a splash in the market?   Where are you losing out to your competitors?

Find out what’s missing – Is the brand awesome at picking up print placement, but has yet to become a household name?   Or has the client’s  video on YouTube gone viral, but no one knows where it came from?   Use the brand’s strengths to plan the next steps, but go a bit further this time.

What are your favorite ways to brainstorm?


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