PR Girl PRowess: Prioritize Your Day

It is completely scary to me that it’s already the last day of July.   Though the warm weather in NY has lasted since about April, I can’t dare to think that we just have a couple months of summer left.   I’m trying to make a real effort to get out of the office on time these days, since one day soon I’ll wake up and be leaving for work in the dark, only to return home in the dark as well.

Prioritizing your day as a PR girl is always harder than it sounds.   By the definition of our job, it is expected for some crisis or last minute rush request will throw our schedule and to-do lists right out the window.   There are a few precautions and “healthy habits” you can get in to to be sure that you’re tackling most everything on your plate in a timely fashion.

Check your schedule daily, and first thing in the morning – As I have my breakfast and green tea at my desk, I always check my calendar first thing.   If I know I have a lot to focus on throughout the day, I put all my meetings on a post it and stick it to my monitor. That way, even when I’m working, my schedule for the day is smack-dab in front of me

Be on email, but don’t always answer rapid-fire – As many emails as we receive throughout the day, it’s really easy to spend the first 2 or 3 hours of the day just responding to emails.   In order to get some real work done, let your emails go unanswered for 15 or 30 minute increments.   If you have a huge project to conquer, give your team a notice that you’ll be going “heads-down” for the next hour or so, and if they need something directly they should come to you in person.   Of course, if your client sends an urgent email you should always answer it

Pencil in your breaks – Instead of meandering over to Tumblr, Pinterest or Facebook, give yourself scheduled breaks during the day.   Every two hours or so, let yourself on your favorite blogs, get a coffee with a colleague, stare at Ryan Lochte pictures, or just talk a walk around the office.   If you know you have a break coming up, you’ll focus and turn out your work instead of procrastinating because you’re “brain dead”


How do you prioritize your day?

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