PR Twitter Tips: July 2011

Can you ever get enough #PR101? We can’t. Check out some of our favorite PR twitter tips from July and apply them to your PRofessional life. Thanks to all that contributed.

@TheresaAgonia: Always include your contact information. If you can’t be contacted you will lose opportunities.

@kulasj: Facebook and twitter are completely different platforms. Be sure to differentiate your content on each.

@PRisUs: Sending mass emails hurts your credibility.

@ElleMichels: The key to being prepared  is having a solution before having the problem.

@_MissMimi_: Don’t answer questions you are not prepared for.

@MarigoPR: Don’t abuse people’s contacts and make them your own. Respect goes a LONG way.

@LeidyElle:  Appearance is everything when meeting a potential client.

@ASerrate:  Try to be accessible but at the same time, know when to say NO.

@luckyAndi: There’s no excuse to treat people with disrespect. Trying to make other people look bad just makes you look worse.

@klengel18: My advice…Never wait to be given a task: Always be proactive!

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