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We’re thrilled to be PRofiling our newest sponsor, Lauren Pruner of PR Blonde. She’s currently an Account Executive at large PR agency in Dallas and writes her own insightful blog that we enjoy reading ourselves. Learn more about her PR career path and make sure you add PR Blonde to your must-read blog list. You won’t regret it!

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, left-hander that loves a craft. So it was only a matter of time before glitter and glue became pictures and digital prose. I grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut so New York has been in my back yard and I absolutely call NYC my home away from home. I then came to Dallas by way of school getting a degree in Communications with concentration in Public Relations from Southern Methodist University.

How did you get started in public relations?

After getting my Communications degree with a concentration in PR from SMU, I had my first true PR internship. It was with a smaller family run local Dallas agency and worked on clients across all industries.  It was fun but it was a sleepy office – I know sleep and PR aren’t usually friends but somehow they kept the doors open. After a few months, I wanted a high rise, a decorated desk and a leather chair to call my own with hundreds of other co-workers. I wanted big agency and bad! So I started to look for jobs and then landed another internship – paid this time thankfully, not a bad way to go since I wanted to make sure my big-agency “want” was a fit for me. After working to prove myself for 6 months I ended up getting hired on and have been with the firm ever since. I am now an Account Executive and work on one of the largest accounts in the firm and love it!

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What is your average day like?

My day usually starts around 6:30 AM at the latest – otherwise I am rushing and as a “non-morning” person I need time to wake up. So to spare my co-workers my grouchiness I usually start working from home. We have tons of coverage from client announcements that pour in early and being one hour behind east coast you can argue I am already a full hour behind when I get up! So I usually have my first cup of coffee filter through e-mail, clips and my “side-dailies.” All of my +100 blog favorites (including NYCPRGirls!) are tucked in my Google Reader and I browse them every morning – it’s so much fun to start my day being inspired by other bloggers and PR Girls. Since I am about an hour in and my brain is already working, I get to the office between 8:30/9 AM and can hit the ground.

What’s your favorite part of working in public relations?

I LOVE the pace – Anyone that knows me will tell you I am high-energy, talk fast, talk a lot and love being busy. You give me downtime and unless I am on the beach with a margarita in my hand I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself! When I am not in the office I am experiencing all the “guilty pleasures” that I blog about on PRBlonde. Often you will find me at Starbucks putting hands to keys blogging away and drinking more caffeine than I need. PR can be really stressful and sometimes the pace can get a little too fast – but if you are a “fixer” a “problem-solver” and stress doesn’t fully immobilize you it’s a great career!

What’s the best PR advice you ever received?

  • When you reach “that” crossroads – go with your gut!
  • Believe in the power of lists, notebooks and sticky notes!
  • Best Advice: “It’s not enough to just think you can do PR – never underestimate what you are learning and everything you learn you can apply to something else – sometimes that’s even learning from your what NOT to do!”

Any advice for those looking to get into PR?

Be open to your options! 90% of what I learned about this industry was outside of classroom walls. In this business internships are gold and if you want experience – find an actual internship program! Be open to even moving cities – be a risk taker. You will learn more about yourself and the industry in the few months of a summer internship than you may even learn your entire senior year of college. This industry values interns – when we don’t have them, we certainly feel the weight when they are gone.

Also – this is a business built on relationships. With the emergence of social media – be active! It will help you to perfect your writing skills, you will learn to find a voice and through social media you will connect with some of the most influential and interesting people – after all Twitter is where I found my love for @NYCPRGirls, Adrianna & Meg!

Be sure to find Lauren on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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