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RobbinWatsonMeet Robbin, a graduate from the College of Charleston with a Communications degree, with a concentration on broadcast journalism. A friend of mine and PR girl that started her career in the Big Apple, Robbin landed her first job as a junior publicist for several daytime television hosts at NBC Universal and CBS. Her days were spent developing media plans, drafting pitch letters and press releases, while planning her biggest career event so far: a one-hour live episode taping in the middle of New York City’s Times Square, jumbotrons included.

Making her way to the West Coast, Robbin began working as the publicist for Sleeping Giant Music (SGM), one of Southern California’s premiere music agencies. During her time at SGM, she developed the company’s PR department, successfully building the local media presence of both the company and their artist roster.

Robbin currently serves as a Media Relations Manager at Alternative Strategies in San Diego, CA. She works with clients in the restaurant/bar, beauty and pet industry.

How did you get started in public relations?

Originally I thought I’d end up on the media side of the industry. In college, I interned at two news stations, created a demo reel and had been hired for freelance assignment desk editor jobs in the Charleston, SC market. While on the job hunt, I came across a Junior Publicist opening for four national TV talk show hosts. I figured why not? To be honest, I had no PR experience, except for my college courses and experience in the newsroom. After weeks of follow up (follow up is my second calling), I was offered the position and began my (hopefully long) career in public relations.

What is your average day like?

My average day consists of normally starting off with a local TV segment. I work mainly with restaurants and chefs, therefore, while on set, I make sure our client knows their talking points and present themselves in the best way possible. Once my morning segments are over, I head back to the agency’s office to continue my day of pitching based off our pitch calendar, following up with previous pitches, scheduling media visits, sketching out future TV segments and client meetings.

What’s your favorite part of working in public relations? 

I feel like every publicist says this, but I truly love the fast pace and how different each day is. One day I could find myself waking up at 4am for a live TV segment with one of our chefs…the next day I could be in the office pitching our clients to national TV shows for audience giveaways.

What’s the best PR advice you ever received?

Always follow up. I can’t stress it enough. I got my first job from incessant follow up. Also, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. It’s easy to sit behind a computer all day, sending hundreds of pitch letters…but results come from following up with a phone call, re-selling your pitch and building relationships.

Any advice for those looking to get into PR?

Do your research and make yourself familiar with all local and national media outlets. It’s never smart go to into an interview and not know the local TV stations and newspapers, even if you’re only applying for an internship.

Make sure to follow Robbin on Twitter @robbbinwatson and Instagram @robbinwatson.





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