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Be Inspired PR 3Meet Leila Lewis. A graduate from Santa Clara University’s business school and a Delta Gamma alumna, she’s a wedding and lifestyle publicist who started her own firm in 2007, Be Inspired PR. Be Inspired PR is a Los Angeles-based boutique agency specializing in marketing and public relations in the luxury wedding and lifestyle industries. Basically clients who have products and services they want to market to brides hire Leila and her team. She has since also expanded to take on lifestyle, fashion and fitness brands.

How did you get started in public relations? 

I originally worked in publishing when I graduated from college and learned what is was like to work with publicists and be on the editorial side of media. When I transitioned into the event industry, I saw that there was a need for someone to represent  wedding and event  focused businesses. I loved wedding and event production but what I loved even more was getting the events featured on TV and in magazines. I landed a wedding television series for a colleague who turned into my first client. I knew my calling was inspiring others and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. With that the first every wedding public relations firm was born!

What is your average day like?

Crushing emails, following up with media, social media strategy, staff meetings, consulting meetings, mixed in with a coffee break, a quick lunch on the go and if I’m lucky- a happy hour :)

What’s the best PR advice you ever received?

Treat others how you want to be treated! When you email someone and are warm it may inspire them to be kind right back and if not, brush it off and be better than them.

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Any advice for those looking to get into PR?

You are getting into an industry that is behind the scenes. A pat on the back from your client  or public recognition for your hard work may not happen as often as you’d like.  Be prepared to define your own success and be fulfilled by what makes you happy- no one else is going to do it for you in public relations industry!

Any advice for those looking to open their own PR firm?

The truth is…. It’s not super glamorous to have your own company. There are no real vacation days, you now have a greater tax liability, if you have employees there is so much responsibility to book more business so you can continue to afford them. Remember that its 24/7. When you work for a firm you are able to have to shut it off when you leave work and when you own your PR firm,  you don’t.

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What’s your favorite part of working in public relations?

Landing dream opportunities for clients. I am also a manager for some of my clients and handle their brand deals – being able to bring financial opportunities from companies they love and admire is so rewarding and exciting. 

Favorite part of owning your own firm?

I love being able to hand pick who I work with, it’s a blessing to have staff that I like to work with daily, and getting to decorate my own office space the way I like.

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