Pros and Cons of Switching Agencies

For those of you who have been readers of our blog for some time, last year MA was also a writer  for nyc PR girls. M, MA and I all started working at the same NYC PR agency and about a year ago M parted ways. Yesterday, MA alerted me that she too is switching agencies. It’s sad seeing your colleagues go, but the reality is that agency life is a revolving door. People come and go and then come back again regularly.

While it’s top for mind for many, switching agencies comes with both pros and cons and below are just a few:


  • A new office in a new part of the city
  • New opportunities with new clients
  • Meeting and learning from new people
  • New position with more responsibility
  • More money


  • Walking into the unknown of  a new job
  • Leaving the people you love working with behind
  • Reproving yourself as a newbie
  • Uncertainty of whether or not you will mesh with your new teams

What are some pros and cons you’ve experienced switching agencies?

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