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Summer skincare has always been a bit tricky for me.  I’m always game to try new things when it comes to beauty (as seen here and here), but I haven’t landed on a product to commit to in my daily routine.  It can be incredibly overwhelming when you think of all the things we want these products to do – shrink pores, erase acne scars and dark spots, prevent signs of aging and, obviously, be loaded with SPF.  When we were offered the chance to try the new LaseResults skincare regimen from laser surgeon Dr. Bernstein, I immediately offered to be the guinea pig.

There has been a lot of talk about laser treatments these days – even our gym spas are offering laser hair removal for a “special price” – so I was interested to see what Dr. Bernstein had to offer in his collection. LaseResults puts the “power of light” within this morning and night topical routine, claiming to shrink pores and even skin tone without laser treatments (which can add up in cost…).  I was a little skeptical at first, having heard most of this from previous products, both in the drugstore and beauty counter.

I was impressed.  The key is using the whole LaseResults regimen – cleanser and AM SPF in the morning, and Focused Repair and Calm & Restore Serum at night.  There are no physical exfoliants or abrasion in any of the products (love that), but I felt a slight tingle to know it was working.  In two and a half weeks, I already saw that my  grey scars left from pubescent embarrassments had faded, and my skin was considerably more even.

These products kind of remind me of the bareMinerals phenomenon – remember when only one or two girls in high school used it, then word spread, and suddenly everyone in the sorority was using it?  Because it worked.  Same here.  Dr. Bernstein’s LaseResults skincare line is available now on LaseResults.com.

Are you ladies discovering any notable skincare or beauty lines for yourselves?  Will you try LaseResults?

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