Reality Check: Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist

The other day I read a quote that got me thinking.

“Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.”

Your Dream Job Does Not Exist

M and I are huge advocates of following your heart and chasing your dream job, but does the dream job really exist? In all honesty, probably not. In PR we all get stressed, feel overworked and want to pull our hair out. Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream.

The reality is, it’s all what we make of it. If our dream job doesn’t exist, then we really do have to create it – in our minds. The more positivity we surround ourselves with and think to ourselves, the better our job will seem.

The first real PR job I landed wasn’t what I would’ve called my dream job at the time, but once I got ingrained in the company, became friends with my colleagues and started to excel, it became what I would consider the dream job. Low stress, great clients and awesome people to work with. What more could I ask for?

Do you think a dream job exists, or is it something we have to create? Leave your thoughts below.

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