Reasons to Start a Blog

It’s almost been six months since we started this blog and I have to say there is one thing I regret – not starting it earlier. The experience since day one has been captivating and the idea that started on a park bench has become so much more than we expected. Ask any blogger and they will probably tell you the same thing – though it does take time to prepare and develop, if you have an idea in mind, the execution is nothing but rewarding.

If you’re currently debating starting a blog, here are a few reasons why you should start immediately:

  • Great for meeting new people
  • Well-respected on a resume
  • Keeps track of your activities
  • Lets your family/friends in on your life
  • Allows you to vent your thoughts
  • Keeps you on your toes with the latest trends
  • Improves your writing skills
  • Invites advice from others
  • Opens doors to new opportunities

Particularly for PR students and professionals, we all understand the importance of blogging and writing so why not start one. Even if it’s not the “perfect looking” blog, you will better understand the thought process behind posts and what bloggers look for in a pitch. Just realize, keeping fresh content  can be time-consuming and you never want to feel overwhelmed or pressured. Blogging is for fun, not work.

Another suggestion, start a blog with a friend(s). If you’re interning this summer, start one with a fellow intern and consider different platforms (i.e.  Tumblr). You don’t want to forget the experience you had and what you learned.

Have you been debating starting a blog? Or if you have one, what made you start?

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