Restaurant: Campo

No city does brunch quite like NYC.  Weekend brunch is one of my favorite things to look forward to after a long week. Last Sunday I was introduced to Campo and it quickly became one of my new favorite brunch hot spots. Because of the numerous options for eating breakfast till mid afternoon there are a few things I look for to determine a quality brunch location.

1.         Wait time. There are so many delicious restaurants in the city, but typically a few can be THE hot spot of the moment (especially for tourists). I avoid these spots like the plaque whenever possible. Besides, there is usually another restaurant that is just as fabulous around the corner and off the tourist radar.

2.             Relaxed atmosphere. Along with not having to wait for a table, I don’t want to feel rushed when it comes time to dine. Campo lead the pack on this front. Not only was our  three plus hour brunch relaxed, we even ordered additional mimosas after receiving our check! Which brings us to the final must:

3.         Unlimited drink specials. Campo offers an all you can drink Mimosa at brunch for only $9.90! Sold.

So enjoy your weekend brunch and let us know what your favorite brunch spots are in the city.

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