Restaurant: Eataly

We first gave Eataly a shout out in our district profile of the Flatiron district earlier this month. I wanted to add in my experience here – Eataly holds the title of  the largest artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace in the world, and absolutely deserves some attention.  Whether you are running in to grab your morning ice coffee, shopping for fresh groceries and produce, or enjoying dinner and drinks with the girls, Eataly is your one-stop market for Italian fare.

The Eataly market has fresh meats, cheeses, pasta, olive oil, and fine gourmet ingredients strewn across the vast 50,000 square foot space. Since the marketplace is  the brain child of some culinary heavy weights (like Mario Batali), it is only fitting that the Eataly would rival any master chef’s pantry. Among the market sections, you can sit and relax at one for the four restaurants for dinner, or linger among the marble counter islands scattered within the market to sample meats, cheese and glasses of wine.

If you do anything at Eataly though, I would recommend stopping at the roof top beer garden, Birreria, which just opened this summer.  In this hot New York City season, who can turn down a rooftop bar with homemade brews, complemented by skyline views?

Have you experienced Eataly yet?


images via Eataly


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