Restaurant: Sweet Revenge

For a short vacation week, this one has really been a doozy.  A PR girl’s work is never done, so even when you decided to take a day off and extend your Memorial Day vacation (like me) your three-day week can end up feeling more like a seven-day week when catching up on all your work. The best cure for this exaggerated work week feel is to indulge in a sweet release.  We’ve told you the best cupcake haunts in the city for a delicious bakery-bite by day, but if you are craving something sweet at night you must visit Sweet Revenge located on 62 Carmine Street between Bedford and Varick.

Sweet Revenge  pairs imported wines and beers with artisan, internationally inspired cupcakes and savory cakes. The combinations are delicious, and a daring take on the innocent trend of cupcakes. Perfect for a fun date or a get-together with the girls after a hectic week.

I find my sweet release in the Dirty Cupcake & Kopparberg Pear Cider. What will be your favorite pairing?

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