Restaurant: The Loeb Boat House

This past week I celebrated my birthday with a dinner at The Loeb Boat House in Central Park. I had my brother and sister visiting me for the week and as often as they have visited we have never made it to Central Park. I took them through Strawberry Fields, The Mall and general park shenanigans. After a long day in the Upper East Side, they surprised me with dinner at The Loeb Boat House, knowing it has been on our bucket list. It was the perfect day.

Located in Central Park in the Upper East Side area of the park, The Loeb Boat House is an iconic landmark. The pristine view of the lake and exquisite atmosphere allow you to relax as you take in the row boats and occasional gondola drifting across the lake.

Their menu is much more diverse than I anticipated for a lake front restaurant, which would usual boast a heavy seafood menu. Though the menu is primarily seafood; chicken, steak and even vegetarian options are available! My sister is a vegetarian and was willing to sacrifice here meal for our overall dining experience, but was over the moon with her vegetarian lasagna dinner entree, being the carnivore that I am I stuck with the filet, which did not disappoint.

With Tavern on the Green now a visitor center, The Boat House has a big pair of Sperry’s to fill this summer as the sole dining option in the park. Regardless tourist and New Yorker’s alike should make it a point to stop by and experience this NYC treasure.


Image via The BoatHouse

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