Should Summer Interns Follow up with HR?

Yesterday, we received a great email from one our readers with a question many of you might also have.

Hey girls!

So I had a really awesome interview for an amazing summer internship program. The HR reps I interviewed with said they have just begun holding interviews and would send out offers in about two or three months. Is there anything I should do to keep myself in their minds for the selection process? I understand that it is normal procedure but I feel so nervous thinking they may forget about me as soon as they have a whole slew of other candidates coming in.

Thanks so much, 
Anxious and nervous


This is such a good question and a reminder for those interested in a summer internship to start looking NOW. You definitely want to make sure the HR reps keep you top of mind. Following up with them after a month and half or two months definitely won’t hurt. It will show that you’re still extremely interested in the company and like you said, make sure they don’t forget about you. Send them a quick note stating that you’re just following up and are excited to have the opportunity and look forward to hearing from them. Also try and confirm exactly when you will hear back from them.

I also want to note that you definitely shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Even if the interview went perfectly, you never know what could happen and don’t want to be stuck without a summer internship opportunity when May rolls around. If you haven’t already tried, line up some other interviews.  It can’t hurt! It’s much better to have to choose between two internship opportunities than none.

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Xo A

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