PR Girl PRowess: Showing Some Team Spirit

A couple months ago I wrote about how you can steal from a few different resources to grow in your position.   While a lot of you seemed to relate and take the advice to heart, I wanted to be sure to cover off on another important aspect of PR career growth – learning to become a valuable team member.

Learning to mesh with your teams is one of the hardest parts of PR. It completely changes how you fit in with your company and your performance for your clients.   If you have a difficult time communicating with or relating to your team members, not only are your assignments at risk but your work ethic and motivation can take a nose dive.   Some of us are lucky and are given fantastic teams from the start. Others have to do a little legwork.   Here are a few ways you can be sure you’re doing the best you can to drum up some PR team spirit:

Be sure you’re really listening – We’ve all been there. You meet with a team member to review a release or a pitch assignment and you zone out, thinking you’ve heard the instructions 500 times before.   Be sure you’re tuned into every meeting you have. Not only do you want to be sure you have clear instructions, but you’ll be paying the respect this person deserves.

Celebrate one another – If your intern scores her first media placement, send a team email highlighting the piece.   If your senior account executive gets a client project approved, take her to coffee.   Showing appreciation for the little things drives excitement for the client work and will help inspire bigger ideas down the road.

Make sure to laugh – All work and no play makes your team about as uninteresting as the Kardashians’ love lives. Yeah there might be stuff going on, but how invested are you really?   Be sure to have a little lighthearted fun with your team, whether that’s a group lunch, happy hour, or a movie outing.


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