Sh*t PR Girls Say

Yes, we know we’re a little late to the game.   Yes, we know there is a video from Hunter PR already.   But we just had to put in our two cents.   Happy Friday!


“It’s in the pipeline”

“Is that in the media tracker?”

“What is The Chew about?”

“Take this as a learning”

“We’ll order breakfast, but no one will eat it”

“Put it on my calendar”

“I don’t blog, I Pin”

“I can just imagine Tom Brady with the product now…”

“I’ll send you the link”

“It’s like the Ryan Gosling of placements”*

“Next month will be easier”

“Just Yelp it”

“Is that in the scope?”

What other PR-isms do you spout out on a daily basis?



*This isn’t a PR-ism.   I just want to make it one.


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