Six Office Beauty Blunders

One of my best workplace friends did something drastic this week – she chopped off her hair and dyed it bleach blonde. Her concern? Was this office appropriate. There’s always chatter around what beauty risks are office appropriate and which should only happen on the weekends. Here are a few office beauty blunders to avoid.

Office Beauty Blunders

  • Chipped nail polish. It happens, we forget to get our nails done. Just try to avoid it. Either have them nicely polished, or leave them with no color at all. Gels help with chipping.
  • Too much makeup. When you’re wearing makeup you would apply for a night out at the club, you have too much on. Dark eyeshadows, penciled in eyebrows and fake lashes. Go for the more natural look in the office.
  • Bold colored streaks. Blue, pink and red streaks. All hair colors that should happen over the weekend and washed off before Monday.
  • Smudged mascara. When it’s left under your eyes, people might assume you had a wild night. If you’re going for the all natural, no make-up look, make sure the mascara is wiped from under your eyes.
  • Wet hair. This happens from time to time but try to avoid it. Wet hair in the morning can come off as unprofessional – especially in client meetings.
  • Lipstick on your teeth. Oops. To avoid this by keeping a mirror at your desk so you can watch yourself apply lipstick. Nothing is more distracting than seeing this during a meeting.

What are some other office beauty blunders?

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