Six Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Responses

In April, we highlighted the top five resume mistakes you’re most likely making. As recent graduates are tirelessly sending out their resume to as many job listings as possible, many aren’t getting any responses. Here are six reasons as to why employers aren’t biting on your resume.

  • You didn’t review requirements. Most job listings include requirements for the position. Make sure you meet all of the qualifications before carelessly submitting your resume. It’s a waste of your and the employers time.
  • The format makes it difficult to read. Your resume should be consistently formatted clearly with appropriated qualifications highlighted at the top.
  • You didn’t follow directions. Some employers outline how they would like resumes be submitted. Make sure to follow directions carefully. Email if it says email, use the web from if requested, etc.
  • The listing is outdated. Check the date of the job listings. Most of the time they’re over a month old and the position is likely already filled.
  • You didn’t follow-up. If you submitted your resume via email, follow-up several days after. If it’s to a general HR email, you most likely won’t be get a response. See if you know anyone that works at the company or research a person HR contact. If it was through a job listing, do the same and find the most appropriate person to follow-up with. Otherwise your resume will be forgotten.
  • You have a reused resume. It’s sometimes obvious to employers when you’re just copy and pasting your cover letter and resume to multiple employers. Personalizing your emails and resume to each position is key.

Have you been sending out your resume tirelessly? Tell us what you’re experiencing!

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