Sorority Girl to PR Girl

Becoming a sorority girl  comes with the obvious stigmas.  However, joining a sorority  isn’t just about  socials  and formals, it’s  about the learning  experience  during your college years that prepares you for your professional life.  Rushing as  a freshman and holding  positions shaped me into the PR professional I am now and below are the top three  ways  Greek life  helped improve  my public relation skills.

1. Management –  Management skills are key to be successful in PR.  As part of a sorority, you  learn how to manage time, between taking classes, doing homework  and attending greek functions. Then you learn how to manage people, from holding a chair/executive position  and  mentoring a new pledge class every year.

2. Internal and external communication – Yes, you communicate and build relationships with every girl in your sorority, however, it’s also about maintaining  a close rapport  with other Greeks  on campus, your Greek advisor and  your national headquarters.  The value of communication and what is meant to be kept internally and what  needs to be  shared externally is a lesson well learned.

3. Public Speaking – Being president and standing in front of 75 girls on a weekly basis took away every nerve I had about public speaking.  In public relations, this isn’t just  a learning experience for  making  presentations to your colleagues and clients, it’s also  about being able to cold call and pitch without letting your nerves get the best of you.

So if you’re still a student in college and can rush,  take advantage of this opportunity as if  was an internship. Not only does it provide you with all of the above, but it looks strong on your resume  and  supplies you with a network of sisters for life.

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