Staying Focused During the Holidays

After finishing a great holiday weekend with the family, it’s often hard to get back into the office and jump into work – especially when the biggest holiday of all is right around the corner. As you get back into the groove, here are some tips and tricks for preparing for the holiday and staying focused before the December break sneaks up on us!

  • Take commuting time (not work time) to map out your holiday budget and gift ideas.
  • Figure out the game plan ahead of time for when and where you need to be for the holidays so it’s not on your mind.
  • Set dates now for what’s on your holiday bucket list such as seeing the Rock Center tree and meeting up with friends.
  • Prioritize work and tasks that need to get done before the big break.
  • Delegate work as efficiently as possible for the next couple of weeks.
  • Add some holiday decorations to your work space. Can’t hurt!
  • Write reminders down, otherwise they might get lost in the shuffle of your holiday focused mind.

How do you stay focused with the holidays around the corner?

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