Summer Beauty Need: Le Metier de Beaute

Since I’ve moved, I’m lucky enough to be near an express train to take me to work in 20 minutes if needed.   However, that involves a nice walk up four avenues and across five blocks.   Given the hot and heavy weather we’ve been having I find myself becoming a sweating mush pile by the time I reach the track.   Not such a pretty picture.   By the time I get to the office, my makeup has sunk into my skin and I look like I just ran through the Lincoln Tunnel.   It really got me thinking about what I’m putting on my face, and how I can be sure I’m treating myself right in this summer heat.

Since I started in beauty PR, I have more and more appreciation for quality, multi-tasking makeup that is going to treat my skin right.   Us PR girls are far too busy to worry about skin issues or foundation running down our chins, so it’s important to look for products with trusted science to back up their beautiful results.

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to head to Bergdorf Goodman and experience Le Metier de Beaute first hand. The team introduced me to a product that is going to change my life – Peau Vierge.   What started as a “tinted treatment” (a tinted moisturizer for us busy/lazy girls) and blossomed into the brand’s very first line of skincare.   The Complexe treatment feels like silk going on, and less than a dime size amount is used to cover the entire face.   The result is glowing skin, without the silicone, parabens and mineral oils that are found in other makeups (last night I found out that my daily foundation is actually bringing a property of iron into my skin that is similar to rust. Um, ew).   The coverage is medium to full, and guess what, it has SPF – a MUST HAVE.

You can find Le Metier de Beaute at Bergdorfs, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.   Though the tinted treatment will cost you a pretty penny ($125), considering the small amount you need to use on the face, and the results you are guaranteed to see on your skin within 7 days, it is more than well worth it.

How does your makeup hold up in the winter? Have you tried Le Metier de Beaute before?

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