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Before Pinterest took up most of my free time, I used to scour  the Etsy  shops online as if they were each a quaint boutique I was strolling in and out of on a lovely tree-lined street on a sunny afternoon day. I loved that I could use the convenience  of online shopping to still procure original, creative and unique gifts for friends and myself.  I realized I have been out of the Etsy game and with the holidays approaching wanted to get back in touch with this amazing community of small businesses whose mission is to bring heart to commerce and make the world more fair, more sustainable and more fun!

Here are my top three Etsy finds:

Personalized Wire Bridal Hangers – I admit it, I look at numerous wedding magazines, blogs, websites and scroll through hundred of wedding photos on a regular basis. I wish I could say my excuse was that I worked with bridal outlets for my client, but the truth is for the last two or three years I’ve had a close friend getting married. Therefore, because of my natural event planning skills, I’m always asked for my opinion on anything from color schemes to menu options.

So when I first spotted these personal wire hangers in a photographers blog a few months back, I fell in love. It’s such a creative and personal touch for the traditional wedding gown shot. A friend’s wedding this summer even incorporated these hangers as bridesmaid’s gifts, personalizing the wires to her maids first names. Two of my favorite things happen to be weddings and beautifully organized closets with wooden hangers, so no wonder I’m hooked on these beauties from Aressa’s Etsy shop, The Painted House and More.


Letterpress Poster – I love letterpress. Letterpress greeting cards, posters and even wedding invitations. I search the Letterpress category on Etsy until I’m blue in the face. I have purchased a few items from different shops to add to my letterpress collage and I fear I need to stop my searches as my collection is running out of wall space in my modest NYC dwelling.

I purchased the letterpress Lemons piece above from Dear Colleen‘s Etsy shop, but encourage you  to search Etsy’s letterpress selection as there are numerous adorable posters to fit your personality and add some charm to your home.

Chic Aprons – I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year with my sister at my Grandmama’s home in Chicago. We’ll be doing all the cooking and entertaining, as my Grandmama has put in her share of turkey time over the years. I wanted to find a small gift for my Grandmama as well as my Aunts who are traveling to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with us. Since this is pretty much an all female crowd aside from my brother and Uncle (they will be receiving these), I thought a chic, handmade apron would be the perfect gift for a holiday that is spent mostly in the kitchen.

Yesterday via Young House Love, I discovered the most adorably chic Etsy shop, City Chic Country Mouse. Owned by a mother and daughter duo, Jaime and Carmen, the daughter’s style is brought to life with the help of her mother’s sewing skills. They bring a sense of style and sophistication to even the most mundane of household items, like ironing boards. This beauty is going to make me rekindle my love of ironing.

Have  you recently purchased a treasure from an Etsy shop, or do you own your own? We’d love to know!

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