Taking a Holiday

As the weekend draws closer, all I can think about is the holiday vacation I’m taking next week. I haven’t taken a full week vacation to travel somewhere in…let’s just say, three years. This getaway is long overdue and as any hardworking professional, we tend to get caught up in work, commuting and all the hassle in-between.  A lot of us don’t take what we need – some time to unwind and get away, especially from holiday mayhem.


Leaving on Sunday, I’m traveling to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for the first time as a birthday/holiday gift from the bf. There are three things I’m looking forward to the most:

  • Kicking back, relaxing and soaking up the sun (which I definitely didn’t do this summer)
  • Getting to see a new foreign country
  • Spending quality time away from the computer, cell phone and any other distractions that tend to get in our way

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Did you take a holiday this year? Where did you go?

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